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I thought it was quite exciting. Posing with not so much clothes on. But I think the photos have turned out very beautiful. The photographer was also very professional. He put me at ease and gave me clear directions on how to pose and look for the perfect photos. Check out more of his work here: 

In the meantime I have finished the DAY TWO cycle and completed it again with a photo shoot. This time with photographer Milou who specializes in erotic photos! So even more exciting, but again a great result. Milou is fantastic. She reassures you and I quickly felt at ease! Check:

Review from Babette about DAY ONE: 5 stars!
"I am so happy with this result! After 3 births I never dreamed that I would one day look like this. The years of searching for the right method has been rewarded. I am mega happy and super satisfied!"

Is your goal making a photoshoot too?
It starts with DAY ONE! You decide.