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We always tell our participants: your success = our success! You will be our new selling point. If your friends and family are about to see your best body ever, they want it too. So that's what we're going for! Below are the photos of some participants who were willing to share their results:

Giel 44 years. From 98 to 87,8 kilo. Fat percentage from 17,5% to 8,9%.

Rose-Marie 54 years old. In 12 weeks from 75 to 64,2 kilo. Fat percentage from 24,2% to 12,6%.

Susanne 48 years old.In 12 weeks from 72 to 59,6 kilo. Fat percentage from 26,9% to 16,5%.

Remco 45 years old. In 12 weeks from 104 to 87,4 kilo. Fat percentage from  21,8% to 11%.Brenda 36 years old. In 6 weeks from 57,6 to 55,8 kilo. Fat percentage from 16,5% to 13,9%.

Gilbert (46 years old) has managed to reduce his fat percentage from 17.2% to 11.6% in 6 weeks and has pumped up his muscle mass to a neat 26.1 kg with very nice definition as a result!